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ERI designs and manufactures broadcast antenna systems for AM, FM, VHF, UHF, Mobile Media, and BRS-EBS applications.

AM Antennas

Electronics Research, Inc. has designed AM antenna systems since the 1950’s. In these years ERI identified structural design features which enhance a tower’s ability to be an excellent AM radiator.

FM Antennas

ERI is the world's largest supplier of antennas used by broadcast stations. We entered the business of manufacturing FM antennas in the earliest days of FM radio and continue to serve the changing needs of FM broadcasters with the industry’s best products.

VHF Antennas

ERI designs and manufactures low, mid, and high band VHF antennas for a variety of applications. Electronics Research has utilized its proven FM antenna technology to develop several antenna lines to meet the specific needs of VHF broadcasters.

UHF Antennas

For applications demanding the highest in quality and proven performance for optimum coverage, ERI TRASAR® High Power Transmitting Antennas are the ideal choice. ERI also offers antennas for low and medium power UHF broadcast including the ALP, AL PLUS, AL8, and MANTIS Series antennas.

BRS-EBS Antennas

Based on our standard broadcast antenna technology, ERI now offers several antennas with specific application in the emerging mobile media bands as well as conventional wireless cable applications.

Components and Accessories

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