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Components and Accessories

In addition to broadcast towers, ERI manufactures a number of structural components and accessories found nowhere else in the industry. ERI offers a full line of Structural System Components, Installation Accessories, and System Services to complete your next broadcast facility. These products are designed to protect your investment, lower your maintenance costs., and reduce the likelihood of an off-air emergency. Our teams of RF and structural engineers have collaborated to produce designs that meet the unique needs of the broadcast industry.

Lightning Dissipation Spur

The Lightning Spur is a very efficient hybrid lightning dissipator. When operating as a shield it reduces the potential between the tower and storm cell by transferring electrical charge to the adjacent ionizing air molecules. This transference represents dissipation or the controlled leakage of the charge, thus reducing the probability of a lightning strike.

K-ROD Improved Electrolytic Grounding System

Low impedance grounding is essential to protect transmitting facilities and personnel from external or internal electrical anomalies. Copper clad driven ground rods are often insufficient due to high ground resistivity or a limited installation area. The K-ROD provides a superior, stable, low resistance interface with true earth while minimizing installation area and time.

GUY-GUARD™ Ground Wire Attachment

The advantage of the Guy Guard over the typical wire clamps is a neutral stainless steel interface between the copper grounding wire and the galvanized guy wire. This attachment reduces the possibility of galvanic corrosion to the electrical connection which could result in an increased resistance to the grounding rod. Any high fault current (lightning) not finding ground through the grounding rod will dissipate energy into the concrete foundation causing structural damage. The large contact area between the Guy Guard and the guy wire offers a more conductive surface and a reduction in resistance between the two conductors.

ULTRA™ Guy Anchor Rod

The ULTRA Guy Anchor Rod features a port to allow non-destructive ultra-sonic testing of guy anchor integrity, without soil excavation.

INVISI-SHIELD™ Electrically Transparent Ice-Shield

The ERI INVISI-SHIELD™ is an electrically transparent ice shield. Utilizing custom fabricated materials and careful placement of connection components has resulted in a structure which has no perceptible effect on the antenna’s pattern. The INVISI-SHIELD™ can be mounted directly over an antenna element. This close proximity allows the INVISI-SHIELD™ to be significantly smaller while increasing protection when compared to a steel shield. The smaller size also results in less load to the tower. The electrical transparency of the INVISI-SHIELD™will permit installation between antenna bays in extreme icing conditions.

Broadcast Facility Safety Signs

ERI offers RF and climber safety signs.

All designs, specifications, and availabilities of products and services presented in this publication are subject to change without notice.

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