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Specialty Structures

Electronics Research has developed several specialty mounting structures optimized for radio and television broadcast.

LAMBDA™ Optimized Mounting System for FM Applications

The LAMBDA™ Optimized Mounting System is intended to accompany your ERI FM antenna. The combination of the antenna element and the matching LAMBDA™ section significantly increases the predictability of the resulting pattern shape. The result is more signal in your market and elimination of “holes" in your coverage area.

LAMBDA™ Optimized Mounting System for Television Applications

Electronics Research Inc. makes possible a unique solution to Low-and Medium-Power Top-Mounted Antenna Applications. The LAMBDA™ Antenna Structure was developed to overcome the disadvantages of distortion to the antenna pattern by the support structure. The advantage… performance nearly identical to a freespace condition allowing the flexibility of choosing top-mounted antennas for tower or roof-top applications.

COGWHEEL Antenna Support Structure

The COGWHEEL™ can be used as a single or multi- station antenna support structure. The COGWHEEL™ antenna system allows several high powered stations to benefit from its cost efficiency, superior radiation qualities and state-of-the-art technology.

Roof-top Broadcast Structure

ERI has been instrumental in the design, manufacturing, and installation of some of the most recognizable roof-top broadcast structures.

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