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Transmission Line

ERI offers complete lines of broadcast transmission line including Rigid coaxial line, coaxial cable, elliptical waveguide, circular waveguide, and rectangular waveguide.

Rigid Coaxial Line

MACXLine rigid coaxial line with bellows is available from ERI in sizes from 3 1/8 inch through 8 3/16 inch. ERI also offers STDLine for interior and short run applications.

Coaxial Cable

As the Broadcast Master Distributor for Andrew, ERI is your source for HELIAX® air and foam dielectric coaxial cable, system components,and installation accessories.

Elliptical Waveguide

ERI can supply HELIAX Elliptical Waveguide Systems including the transmission line, system components, and installation accessories.

Circular Waveguide

GUIDELine® circular waveguide is the best choice for long vertical runs. It has substantially lower wind loads than equivalent rectangular waveguide, allowing it to be used on towers where rectangular cannot. With attenuation up to 50% lower than corresponding rectangular waveguide, it is the most effecient transmission line available. You may be able to use a smaller, less-expensive transmitter! Unlike truncated elliptical waveguid, on-site tuning is completly eliminated by the use of cross-polarization canceling pins.

Rectangular Waveguide

For transmitter room applications, inexpensive thin wall rectangular waveguide is a good choice. Pressurizable thick wall rectangular waveguide connects the base of the vertical run to the transmitter building. ERI manufactures a complete line WR1150, WR1500, and WR1800 components, including E-plane and H-plane elbows, miters, and fine matchers.

Pressurization Equipment

Components and Accessories

Electronics Research Inc. offers the complete range of system components and installation accessories for construction of transmission line systems. As the Broadcast Master Distributor for HELIAX products, ERI is your source for HELIAX components and accessories. ERI maintains a 30,000 sq. ft stock area housing an inventory of standard components and accessories for rigid transmission line systems. In cases of emergency, these items can be ordered for next day delivery to your transmission facility within the United States.

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