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PRESS RELEASE - For Release: 04/18/2016 09:00 AM

ERI to accelerate completion of TV channel repack post FCC's Broadcast Incentive Auction

ERI will work with T-Mobile to ensure the availability of equipment and installation crews to accelerate completion of the mandated television channel changes following the conclusion of the FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction

Las Vegas, NV USA

Electronics Research, Inc. (ERI) announced at the National Association of Broadcasters NABSHOW2016 today an agreement with T-Mobile that gives ERI the ability to ramp materials and accelerate antenna production capacity by 800% before the end of the year in anticipation of the end of the auction.

ERI will begin production of antennas and installation crews will be available immediately after the FCC issues new channel assignments to broadcasters either being relocated within the UHF television band or relocating from UHF Channels to VHF Channels. This will accelerate the process of clearing the 600 MHz frequency band allowing new wireless broadband services to be deployed in the band, within the 39 month repacking timeline outlined by the FCC.
Commenting on the agreement ERI President and CEO Tom Silliman remarked “Working with T-Mobile ahead of the completion of the auction enables ERI to be first in the category to manufacture and install a high volume of the antennas needed to clear spectrum, and do it faster than we’d otherwise be able to. ERI will have the capacity to manufacture television antennas, transmission line, and filter systems and to have trained and equipped installation crews at the beginning of the FCC’s 39 month clearing window.”
“It’s a no-brainer for T-Mobile to do what we can to help the broadcast industry accelerate the FCC’s repacking schedule. We want to insure that television broadcasters have access to the equipment and installation capacity needed for timely completion of the FCC clearing timeline” said David Mayo, Senior Vice President – Technology for T-Mobile.
ERI will immediately take the necessary step to expand manufacturing and test facilities as well as hire and train manufacturing, test, and installation personnel in advance of the increase in demand for television antennas, transmission line, and RF components that will be driven by the new television channel assignments issued by the FCC.

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