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KQED Completes 4 Year FM Transmitter Facility Upgrade

KQED(FM) Custom Coaxial Switching and Patch Panel System (Rear View) designed and built by ERI.

KQED(FM)’s Chief Engineer, Larry Wood, authored for Radio Magazine an excellent chronicle of their four-year project to upgrade their transmission plant, which included relocating their transmitter room to a larger space and upgrading the new facility with a new Nautel NV80, combined NV40 FM transmitter. ERI provided a Model CY301-0FM FM Switchless Combiner to Nautel to combine the two NV40 cabinets and provide switching to allow either cabinet to be put on-air. In addition, ERI supplied a custom coaxial patch panel and switching system that provides additional transmitter switching redundancy and 1329Line aluminum outer conductor rigid line for the interior RF plumbing. ERI also designed and manufactured both the Main and Auxiliary KQED(FM) ROTOTILLER® FM antennas.

Larry Wood’s article can be found at the Radio Magazine web site, KQED’s Four-Year Renovation Saga Was Worth It.