LYNX Series II Dual Input Dual Polarized FM Antenna


  • Product Line:
  • Product Series:
    Series II
  • Frequency Range:
    88 - 108 MHz
  • Multiplexed Versions Available:
  • Broadband Applications:
  • Polarization:
  • Azimuth
    ± 2 dB in free space
  • Maximum Power Rating:
    120 kW
  • Axial Ratio
    Less than 3 dB in free space
  • VSWR at Input
    1.07:1 or less (with field matching)
  • 1.25:1 or less (with top pole or LAMBDA™ Mounting System)
  • 1.50:1 or less (top mounted without field matching
  • Maximum Power Rating:
    36 kW

The Electronics Research Dual Input Side Mount FM Antenna is designed specifically for FM IBOC applications. This new antenna is capable of transmitting both the analog and digital FM signals without requiring a high loss hybrid combiner while maintaining high isolation between the digital and analog transmitters. Low power isolators may be specified based on site specific considerations for added protection to the digital transmitter or for multiplexed operations. The design meets the current Federal Communications Commission requirement for informal notification of IBOC implementation.

The antenna is a true dual input antenna that excites all radiating elements with both analog and digital signals. The design allows the use of a single antenna while eliminating the combining loss as is present in the 10-dB hybrid combining method— no analog or digital signal lost to a reject load. With a controlled mounting configuration, the antenna has the ability to achieve in excess of 40-dB isolation between analog and digital inputs without using an isolator/circulator. Since the same elements are used for both analog and digital signals, both formats have the same horizontal and vertical patterns and therefore the same gain.


  • Identical horizontal and vertical plane patterns for the analog and digital signal assures identical radiation patterns for full coverage replication
  • Able to achieve in excess of 40 dB isolation between analog and digital inputs without using a circulator with controlled mounting configuration
  • Digital has the same gain as the analog
  • Uses no additional aperture
  • No additional wind loading from interleaved elements

Ordering Information

All LYNX Dual Input FM Antennas include a circulator kit that may be used at the customer’s option. The kit includes one circulator (tuned to the operating frequency of the antenna) rated at 1.5 kW, two 1-5/8-inch directional couplers (used at the circulator input and output ports), a one kilowatt reject load with 4-feet of interconnecting transmission line, one non-metallic hanger set for the circulator, and one non-metallic stand.

Type Number Definition

DI - a b
  • a
  • b
  • Example
  • Description
    ERI LYNX FM Antenna, eight bay, 3 1/8 inch interbay line


  • Anti-Rotation Brackets
  • Beam tilt (center fed antennas only)
  • First null fill (center fed antennas only)
  • Second null fill (center fed antennas only)
  • Radomes
  • Export Packing

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