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ERI Facilities 2019


About Electronics Research Inc in Chandler, IN

For more than 65 years, ERI has served the broadcast industry with products and services of the highest quality and dependability. Our dedicated staff of engineers, designers, fabricators, project managers, and installers deliver products to meet all of your broadcast needs, both RF and structural. We take pride in contributing to your success by offering the best broadcast antennas, filters and combiners, transmission line, towers, and broadcast services.

Our trained and experienced engineering team extends into our factories to facilitate collaboration on cost-effective and precise fabrication of the complete system, to coordinate deliveries and installation, and to ensure budget compliance.

The manufacturing staff is comprised of experienced engineers, machinists, certified welders, and competent, highly trained professionals who perform final product assembly and testing in the factory and on our test range.

We complement the design and fabrication team with a project management group that coordinates all aspects of fulfilling the antenna and/or tower system from the time of order entry through the completion of installation.

These services include coordination of schedules, subcontractors, delivery of materials, installation and its supervision, and final system assembly, tuning, and testing, plus documentation.

ERI’s professional team also includes a field service group to perform on site assembly of antenna and filter systems. These competent, experienced technicians perform system setup, optimization, and provide final test data to confirm correct system performance. When required, they also provide supporting documentation for FCC licensing and on site repairs, system upgrades, modifications, and troubleshooting for ERI television and radio antenna products. The ERI team includes engineers with education and experience in:

  • Performing tower and transmission system inspections, regardless of tower origin.
  • Providing structural analysis services for towers.
  • Designing and installing structural reinforcement modifications to increase tower capacity.

For more information about our team, visit https://www.eriinc.com/about/team/

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About Electronics Research Inc