Our History

bf916060-359e-451b-b470-67bb788dcac8_150_114Founded in 1943 to develop antennas for military aircraft, ERI has continuously been on the cutting edge of RF research and development. Following WWII, Electronics Research moved from fulfillment of government contracts to meeting the needs of the burgeoning radio broadcast industry.

As radio receivers moved from the living room to the dashboard, broadcasters demanded new transmission technology. In order to reach this new mobile audience, ERI introduced the now ubiquitous ROTOTILLER® circularly polarized FM antenna. In the decades that followed, the ROTOTILLER® product line expanded with introductions of the X Series and AXIOM™ Series. ERI now offers a complete line of horizontally, vertically, circularly, and dual polarized FM antennas for single-frequency, multiplexed, and broadband applications.

In the early 1990’s, Electronics Research expanded both its corporate headquarters in Chandler, Indiana and its product offering. ERI began designing, manufacturing, and installing broadcast towers. Electronics Research used its combined RF and structural engineering expertise to introduce integrated antenna support structures including the LAMBDA™, COGWHEEL™, and STACKER™. ERI continues this tradition today with products such as the XWING™ Lattice Structure Batwing.

In addition to the development of a structural product line, ERI expanded its RF products with the launch of a complete line of notch and band pass filters for FM applications. ERI partnered with iBiquity Digital Corporation to pioneer HD Radio™ implementation technology. The iBOX™ hybrid combiner, LYNX™ dual input/ dual polarized FM antenna, and ROTOTILLER® shared apperature FM antenna are the most recent advances by ERI in delivery of HD Radio™. As HD Radio™ continues to advance towards full implementation, ERI leads the way with products for FM broadcasters.

As the twenty-first century dawned, Electronics Research, once again expanded to meet the needs of the broadcast industry with the acquisition of the broadcast division assets of Andrew Corporation. This acquisition included complete lines of:

  • UHF antennas
  • Transmission line
  • UHF and VHF filters/combiners and RF components

In the years that followed, ERI introduced the SLIMWING™ batwing VHF antenna and the STINGRAY™ UHF and VHF broadband panel antennas.

With these assets also came a Broadcast Master Distributor agreement that made ERI the Broadcast Industry’s source for HELIAX® coaxial cable, system components, and installation accessories.

As ERI continues to meet the changing needs of broadcasters around the world and across the spectrum with innovative, high quality, and integrated broadcast systems, one thing remains constant: ERI is your single source for broadcast solutions.