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Welding Leg Flanges to a New LAMBDA® Optimized FM Mounting System

Welding flanges onto the legs of a new ERI LAMBDA® Optimized FM Mounting System. The LAMBDA® mounting system was designed initially to reduce FM antenna failures due to stresses from tower movement.  The design specified a maximum bending radius of the top-mounted free-standing tower sections, and this resulted in a very stiff tower designed to support side-mounted FM antennas. Typical 20-foot tower sections do not allow symmetrical antenna element mounting locations because the cross members will have a different geometry behind each of the array elements. LAMBDA tower sections make the signal scattering from the tower a constant because the structural member spacing is a halfwave at the operating FM frequency.  All the antenna array elements see the same tower face geometry because the tower’s reflected (scattered) signal is identical for each bay of the array.

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Another 16-Bay AXIOM® Master FM Antenna in Final Testing

Another 16-Bay AXIOM® Master FM Antenna is nearly complete and ready for shipment to site. The AXIOM is a very cost-effective multi-station FM antenna available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 bay models with power handling capability in a dual input configuration of up to 240 kW. The AXIOM is optionally available with radomes or electrical deicer for harsh locations with significant snow and ice accumulation.

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8-Bay ALV Series High Band VHF Antenna

A new ALV Series 8-bay high band VHF television antenna is now complete and tested. The antenna is awaiting shipment to its permanent home. The ALV Series is a single channel high band VHF slotted array antenna available in 2, 4, and 8 bay models. ERI is now offering versions of the ALV Series antennas with circular and elliptical polarization. The horizontally polarized models of the ALV antennas also continue to be available. These are highly reliable, lightweight, low wind load, side-mounted high band VHF television antennas that most often used for auxiliary antennas for full-service television stations, TV translators, and low power TV stations.

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NAB Show® 2021

October 9-13, 2021  ~  Las Vegas, Nevada

Look for our booth C5630!

The World’s Largest Marketplace for Media and Entertainment

From concept to best-in-breed, the future is revealed at NAB Show®—however you choose to engage. As the premier marketplace for media and entertainment, this is where the global content economy meets business and big ideas are born. See tomorrow’s innovations in streaming, IP, 5G and beyond transform from ideation to realization. And develop strategic partnerships with visionary startups and trusted leading brands headed in bold new directions. Discovery. Opportunity. Collaboration. Expect to experience it all in this unrivaled forum filled with never-before-seen products, groundbreaking services and limitless possibility for every platform.

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WXXI-TV Rochester, New York – Top Mounted UHF TRASAR® Television Antenna

The antenna pictured is the new ERI TRASAR® elliptically polarized UHF television installed for WXXI-TV’s new repack RF Channel 22 antenna. The move from RF Channel 16 to RF Channel 200 was part of the FCC mandated repack to free up RF spectrum for wireless communications. The antenna is mounted at the top of the 276-foot WXXI owned tower on Pinnacle Hill southeast of Rochester. The top of the TRASAR antenna is 345-feet above ground level. This antenna replaced the RF Channel 16 elliptically polarized ERI TRASAR antenna installed in 2014. Photo courtesy of Mike Fitzpatrick/