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Spanish Broadcasting Systems WLEY-FM’s Directional SHP Series ROTOTILLER® FM Antenna

AN ERI directional FM antenna the licensed primary antenna for Spanish Broadcasting’s WLEY-FM in Chicago (Aurora). The FM antenna is an ERI Model SHP-4AC-DA-HW 4-bay array with half-wavelength bay-to-bay spacing. The directional FM antenna is installed at the top of a 748-foot AM tower in Bloomingdale (IL), owned by Entercom and home to WSCR, 670 kHz (formerly WMAQ) and WBBM 780 kHz. Photo owned by and courtesy of Mike Fitzpatrick/

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Two new FM Bandpass Filters for the Windy City

These filter cavities were just finished with painting and heading for packing and shipment to their home in Chicago. The two 4-section FM bandpass filters are headed to the Willis Tower in Chicago for installation at separate main and auxiliary FM transmitters. When assembled, the filters will have forced air-cooling on each tank. They can handle up to 10 kW, after filter losses.

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IEEE BTS PULSE (virtual event)

October 6-8, 2020,  9:30am-11:30am ET

Get vital industry questions answered by top experts during a three-day virtual event hosted by the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society.

Oct 6 – 5G & Broadcasting: Session Chair Peter Siebert, Broadcast Industry Advisor

Oct 7 Presented by Dielectric- ATSC 3.0 Implementation and Roll Out: Session Chair Madeleine Noland, President ATSC

Oct 8 – Broadcast Disaster Preparedness: Session Chair Guy Bouchard, Director of transmission systems at Télé-Québec

Registration Now –

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2020 Virtual Broadcasters Clinic

You won’t want to miss these three days of amazing sessions, featuring an appearance by FCC Commission Chair Ajit Pai
The virtual Clinic will run Oct. 13-15 and the brochure provides specifics about each session and speakers. Topics include:
  • NAB Technology Update
  • Implications of new cloud technology
  • Working from home
  • Preparing for new equipment and facilities
  • FCC regulatory update
  • The Internet at 50
  • TV Repack recap
  • Solo transmitter visits
  • ATSC 3.0 and cloud delivery of ATSC 3.0
  • Near field drone measurements of broadcast antennas
  • What technology advances are in store for the future?

Click here to register!

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ERI Model 425 FM Isolation Transformer finished with tuning and final test

The Model 425 FM Isolation Transformer is finished with tuning and test, and it’s way to shipping. This type of transformer allows the transmission line feeding an FM antenna to pass the transmitter power across the base insulator of a series fed AM tower. The Model 425 is rated to handle up to 25 kW of FM power and up to 40 kV Peak AM Voltage while adding very little additional AM Shunt Capacitance.

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New AXIOM® Master FM Antenna Installation on West Tiger Mountain to Serve Seattle

The two towers pictured are 328-foot self-supporting towers owned by American Tower on West Tiger Mountain east of Seattle, Washington. The towers were manufactured and erected by ERI in 1999. The tower on the left includes a T-Bar that supports two UHF television antennas. The tower on the right now supports a new ERI LAMBDA® Optimized FM Mounting System that is 135-feet tall. The FM antenna is a 16-Bay AXIOM® Master FM Antenna that is fed by two 6-1/8-inch, 50-ohm, rigid transmission lines. The antenna is the primary FM antenna for six Seattle FM stations.