1105 Series Circularly Polarized FM Antenna

The 1105 Series Antenna meets the requirements of Class “A” facilities. The 1105-B, with power handling capabilities up to 12 kW, meets the requirements of all Class “A” and some higher facilities. Designed to withstand wind velocities to 150 mph, the 1105, with low weight and wind load parameters, is ideally suited for mounting on lightweight structures. Standard DC to ground continuity is an asset in reducing the damaging effects of lightning. The power split is 50/50, with other ratios available. Electrical beam tilt and null fill are optional on the 1105-B Series. Contact ERI for special power split gains.


  • Product Line:
  • Frequency Range:
    88 - 108 MHz
  • Multiplexed Versions Available:
  • Broadband Applications:
  • Polarization:
  • Azimuth
    ± 2 dB in free space
  • VSWR at Input
    1.5:1 ± 2 MHz
  • Maximum Power Rating:
    12 kW


  • Circular Polarization
  • Light weight and low wind load design
  • Custom modifications are available
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Beam tilt and/or null fill available
  • Stainless steel support brackets and hardware
  • Custom designed antenna supports; poles or LAMBDA™
  • Antenna Structures are also available from ERI

Type Number Definition

1105 - a b
  • a
    Number of Bays
  • b
    Power Handling: Blank = Medium Power | B = High Power
  • Example
  • Description
    ERI Model 1105 FM Antenna, twelve bay, high power


  • Beam tilt (center fed antennas only)
  • First null fill (center fed antennas only)
  • Export packing

Mounting Information

The base price of ERI 1105 Series FM antennas include brackets for mounting on a tower leg or pole, from 1 to 5-inches in diameter, on a uniform cross section tower section. Brackets for mounting on tapered tower legs, larger diameter legs or poles, or face mounted; are available at additional cost. Contact ERI with tower details for pricing.

Utilize the ERI Advantage

Combine an ERI antenna with an ERI Mounting Structure, Pattern Measurement and Installation. Assure yourself of the best antenna/tower interaction. ERI’s Pattern Measurement service will provide the crucial answers concerning the relationship between the antenna mounting orientation and antenna pattern.

ERI Mounting Sections are designed to achieve optimum antenna performance while reducing weight and wind loads. Only ERI can offer you an antenna/tower/installation package that will achieve your highest expectations in a demanding FM market. Contact Electronics Research for complete electrical and mechanical specifications.

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The 1105 Series circularly polarized FM (88 – 108 MHz) antenna with a maximum power handling capability of 12 kW is well suited for Class “A” and some higher level facilities. The 1105 Series’ low weight and low windload design makes it ideal for mounting to lightweight structures.