Antenna Pattern Measurement and Optimization

Your broadcasting success depends on the ability of your signal to reach its destination. One simple way to ensure this success is to take your new antenna for a test drive.

ERI has operated a state-of-the-art, 50-acre test range for nearly three decades.This site is equipped with 2 ranges. Our test range is staffed with expert fabrication and installation personnel capable of creating or mimicking your antenna support structure.

ERI’s engineers can take your antenna in configurations from fractional to full scale models to determine how your signal will look and react in broadcast conditions.Through this process the signal can be tested on a variety of structures from straight, tapered, latticed and ERI’s trademarked and highly praised LAMDA™ structures.

ERI has dealt with some of the industries most complex coverage areas.This has ranged from government restricted areas with difficult nulls to large systems atop the Empire State Building.

In addition, ERI’s anechoic chamber, the largest dedicated to broadcast in North America, coupled with our expertise in RF computer modeling allows ERI to offer addition optimization and pattern measurement services.

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