GUIDELine™ GLW1750 Series Circular Waveguide

Circular waveguide offers the highest possible efficiency, with attenuation up to 50% lower than corresponding rectangular waveguide. Power consumption is greatly reduced. It even may permit use of a smaller, less-expensive transmitter. Some broadcasters have overlooked this tremendous benefit because of problems with early designs made by other manufacturers decades ago—but GUIDELine’s novel design eliminates them. Don’t confuse GUIDELine with older circular waveguide that had to be withdrawn from the market due to poor performance.


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    Circular Waveguide

GUIDELine™ circular waveguide is the best choice for long vertical runs.

If needed, television transmitter power levels up to 360 kW can be accommodated. For even higher power applications, contact ERI.

GUIDELine uses unique cross-polarization canceling pins to eliminate expensive on-site compensation tuning or absorbing loads required for other waveguide systems. An added benefit of these pins is increased rigidity. The flange design is also custom to GUIDELine.

A flange gasket prevents entry of moisture at the flange junction. The flange facing up contains the gasket groove, and the mating flange is flat for easy installation without risk of pinching the gasket. Waveguide sections use all aluminum construction.

GUIDELine has substantially lower wind load than equivalent rectangular waveguide, allowing it to be used in towers where rectangular cannot. While it is difficult to generalize, since every site must be analyzed individually, GUIDELine has less than 80% of the wind load of equivalent rectangular waveguide in every case. In some applications, wind load is only about half that of rectangular! Don’t overlook this option—figure wind loads both ways.

The horizontal run is comprised of thick wall rectangular waveguide, allowing a constant pressurization of the system of up to 2 psi while permitting the flexibility of routing the waveguide using conventional rectangular waveguide elbows.

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