Self Supporting Welded Towers

Self Supporting Welded (Lattice Poles)

Reduced Visual Impact

Property restrictions, mountainous conditions, or urban applications often require a limited base area structure with minimal visual impact. Machined section connectors insure proper load transfer and “arrow” straight towers. ERI offers self supported towers with solid round, steel legs and inner members. All welded sections are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication. Transmission line attachment tabs are added as a standard feature to all ERI towers.

ERI’s Self Supporting Welded Towers are recommended where land costs or constraints limit the area available. While self supporting towers typically cost more than guyed towers, the cost differential in land often offsets the added expense.

Features and Benefits

  • Visual Impact
  • Excellent for limited land usage areas
  • Costs less than bolt-together with less erection time
  • Extremely cost efficient for tower heights to 199 feet
  • Fully welded sections for minimal erection & stress costs

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