System Optimization Testing Services

With the deployment of an ERI supplied transmission line system, a system test is performed using a network analyzer in order to optimize the VSWR performance of the complete RF system.

  • Optimizes System Performance
  • Provides Critical Technical Expertise
  • Simplifies and Speeds System Deployment

Typical Activities

  • Provide detailed knowledge of the specific customer RF transmission design and installation.
  • Install, calibrate, and use a network analyzer and other test equipment and adapters as needed to perform a system VSWR sweep measurement.
  • Inspect and verify that the system is maintaining pressure integrity. If there are unfound pressure leaks, the system must be on a working dehydration system in order to maintain a dry air condition internally.
  • Identify what adjustments need to be made in order to optimize system performance. Instruct the customer-furnished tower or installation crew in the correct methods for achieving these adjustments.
  • Diagnose problem areas and determine corrective action.Determine what action needs to be taken in order to correct problem areas.
  • Document all data and observations. Provide customer with final written report.
  • Note: Does not include a climber

Required customer supplied information:

  • Verify that system holds pressure 24 hours prior to service.

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