Transmission Line System Services

The ERI Professional Service Team is ideal for broadcasters who wish to simplify the system deployment process with one-stop ordering, who wish to optimize system electrical and mechanical performance, or in situations where a shortage of technical expertise exists.

Typical Activities

Aspects of the transmission line system include a number of interrelated technical issues, as well as a coordinated effort between customer, chief engineer, equipment suppliers, tower supplier and installation services provider. ERI will coordinate RF engineering, mechanical, and structural aspects with the customer, tower supplier, and installation services provider in order to achieve a workable transmission line system from transmitter building to the antenna input.After securing approval from all parties, ERI will provide system layout drawings which include:

  • Complete transmission line bill of materials
  • System routing details
  • Component location specifications
  • Recommended location for support hangers

In order to assure that proper tower support members are available and correct thermal clearances maintained, ERI System Engineers are available for collaboration with your tower service providers.

Required customer supplied information:

  • Detailed tower and ice bridge drawings*
  • Transmitter equipment room plans*
  • Site plans as appropriate*

All designs, specifications, and availabilities of products and services presented in this publication are subject to change without notice.