Clamp Type Field Flange Kits for Rigid Coaxial Transmission Lines Types RLA000-38, RLA100-38, 1329100­-38, RLA300-38, CA301, RLA400-38, 1329400­-38, RLA600B­-38, and 1329600-38


The Clamp Type Kits in this series are designed for use with flanged and unflanged ERI Standard Line and unflanged 1329Line™ rigid coaxial transmission line for unpressurized applications. Since they are unpressurized, they are intended for use inside buildings and they would rarely be used with MACXLine®. Cutback dimensions for use with MACXLine® must be taken from MACXLine® installation instructions. The kit includes a fixed ring flange and clamp, order inner connector and flange hardware separately. ERI Installation Bulletin II23006-CL1.

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