Field Cut Straight Sections for MACXLine® Rigid Coaxial Transmission Lines Type MACX650-39


Type MACX650-39 MACXLine Field Cut Straight Sections are used for non-standard length between 5 and 20 feet. MACX650-39 consists of: an outer conductor with one flange attached, fixed flange, and a 20 ft inner conductor section with bullet-bellows assembly, insulators, and hardware. The inner and outer conductors are field cut to the desired length to suit the rigid line system layout. After trimming the outer conductor, the fixed flange is soldered on. The inner conductor, which is cut to match, has provision for attaching the bullet-bellows assembly to either end. This feature eliminates the need to solder a stub to the inner conductor when the length requirement conflicts with support insulator locations. The inner conductor is marked with black ink to designate specific areas where cutting requires a special bellows relocation procedure. This procedure applies only to section flange-to-flange lengths of 161-1/8" to 165-1/8" and 81-7/8" to 85-7/8".

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