Horizontal Suspension Hangers for 3-1/8″, 4-1/16″, 6-1/8″, 7-3/16″, and 8-3/16″ Transmission Lines; Types RLA300-12, RLA300-12SP, RLA400-12, RLA400-12SP,RLA600-12, RLA600-12SP, RLA700-12, RLA700-12SP, RLA800-12,RLA800-12SP


Types RLA300-12, RLA300-12SP, RLA400-12, RLA400- 12SP, RLA600-12, RLA600-12SP, RLA700-12, RLA700- 12SP, RLA800-12 and RLA800-12SP Horizontal Suspension Hangers are designed for use with 3-1/8", 4- 1/16", 6-1/8", 7-3/16", and 8-3/16" transmission lines, respectively. Suspension hangers are usually attached along horizontal transmission line runs at approximately 10 ft (3 m) spacing to allow vertical movement caused by the differential expansion/contraction of the transmission line. Types RLA___-12SP hangers do not control side movement, because they are used when there is not enough room to use the hangers listed in the paragraph above. Others are responsible for installing appropriate equipment to control side to side movement of the rigid line.

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