Inner Conductor Only for MACXLine® Rigid Coaxial Transmission Lines Type MACX650-26


Type MACX650-26 field kits are used for field trimming inner conductors to a non-standard length between 5 and 20 feet.The MACX650-26 kits are complete with bullet/bellows assembly, insulators, and hardware kit.The inner conductor supplied has provisions to attach the bullet/bellows assembly to either end.This feature eliminates the need to solder a stub to the inner when the length requirement interferes with the disk insulators.The inner conductor is marked with black ink to designate specific areas where cutting requires a special procedure.The outer lengths requiring the special procedure are 165.13 – 161.13 inches and 85.88 – 81.88 inches. Outer conductor lengths outside of these two ranges do not require the special procedure.The "Special Procedure" involves the disassembly of the bullet/bellows assembly and installing it on the other end of the inner conductor.

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