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ERI ETV Series Broadband High Band VHF Television Panel Antennas debut at NABSHOW 2016

Electronics Research, Inc. is debuting a new family of broadband high band VHF panel antennas at NABSHOW 2016. The Electronics Research ETV Series high band VHF television antennas include a horizontally polarized high band VHF panel antenna element as well as an element for circularly polarized requirements. As with all ERI antenna systems these panel elements can be designed to mount on existing towers or supplied with integrated top or side mounted spines. Both models are available in configurations for three (3) curtain (for triangular towers) or four (4) curtain (for square towers) arrays. The elements and full arrays can be configured and optimized for a single high band VHF television channel, 174 MHz to 216 MHz, or be optimized to cover the entire channel span from 7 to 13 and handle multiple television signals in a single system. ERI can also provide channel combiners as a part of a complete system.
The horizontally polarized ETV Series antenna elements are constructed from rugged galvanized steel and include UV protected ABS radomes to protect the element feed points from weather and debris. The circularly polarized ETV Series antenna includes a full radome enclosure to protect the element from snow and ice and to reduce wind area, which reduces tower loading. Both models are rated to 5 kilowatts, average power, per element and include a single 1-5/8-inch EIA flanged RF inputs. These panel antenna systems can be designed to mount on existing customer owned towers or supplied with integrated mounting spines that are fabricated by ERI.
Visit ERI in booth number C2324 at the NABSHOW in Las Vegas April 18 to 21. For more information contact ERI at or by telephone +1 (812) 925-6000.
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