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ERI’s TRASAR® Antenna Capabilities Highlighted in Video

Chandler, IN USA – October 17, 2017 –
Electronics Research, Inc. has created a video highlighting ERI’s TRASAR® antenna technology. ERI’s TRASAR® end-fed antennas provide a smooth elevation pattern with no deep nulls, unparalleled pattern control and energy efficiency and have complete antenna mounting solutions for all ERI manufactured antennas. ERI’s 100-acre facility is equipped for the FCC television repack and we would love to speak with you regarding your custom engineered solutions.

About Electronics Research, Inc.

Electronics Research, Inc. is a company focused on serving the needs of the terrestrial radio and television broadcasters with antennas, transmission line, RF components, and structural products. The company is focused on providing high quality and sophisticated engineering solutions to customer problems. For more than 75 years, ERI has served the broadcast industry with products and services of the highest quality and dependability.

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ERI Press Release 10-18-2017