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ERI CF103 Low Power FM Group Delay Equalizer

The ERI Model CF103 Low Power FM Group Delay Equalizer provides group delay pre-correction for FM transmitters at low level, usually between the FM transmitter’s exciter and intermediate power amplifier.  The pre-correction applied offsets excess group delay variation and asymmetry that is unavoidable in FM combiner systems that include closely spaced frequencies, of 1.8 MHz or less.  The CF103 has a power rating of 150 watts and provides up to one microsecond of correction across a single FM broadcast channel.  ERI also has available group delay equalizers that operate at high power, which offer greater correction range and are located directly before each individual station’s combining module.

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WDAE, AM 620, Tampa/St. Petersburg the First Directional AM Array

The tower pictured is one of two (2) 360-foot base insulated AM towers that straddle West Gandy Boulevard, the Courtney-Campbell Causeway. This AM facility operates at 620 kHz and was originally owned by the City of St. Petersburg and operated with the Call Letters WSUN and in 1932 became the first directional AM facility. The directional nighttime pattern protects co-channel WTMJ, Milwaukee. These two towers were designed, fabricated and installed by ERI 2005. The base section of each tower is a four-sided structure that matches the base dimension of the original towers built in 1932. Each tower transition to a traditional triangular configuration for most of their height.

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Department of the Navy Gold Coast 2020


The San Diego Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is proud to present the 32nd Annual Department of the Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event, “Small Business: Providing Innovation for the Navy the Nation Needs“, from 31 August – 2 September, 2020.

The NDIA Department of the Navy Gold Coast Event is the premier Navy procurement conference in the country. Gold Coast provides a forum to educate, guide, and assist businesses, large and small, in support of the warfighter mission within Department of the Navy and throughout the DOD.

The event provides exciting and relevant topics delivered by government and industry experts – and boasts insightful panels, workshops and networking events. Of course, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to meet key government and industry contracting personnel through our one-on-one matchmaking sessions – the hallmark of Gold Coast. On the exhibit floor, you will have an opportunity to visit over 200 government agencies and industry organizations, including the ten Navy Systems Commands.  (information provided by )

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FM Antennas and One with an INVISI-SHIELD®

The tower pictured is the Milwaukee PBS 3-arm candelabra tower located in Milwaukee’s Estabrook Park neighborhood. At the tower top are Milwaukee PBS’s television stations WMVS and WMVT, WVTV, WIWN and a number of Low Power TV facilities. On the tower shaft below the candelabra is Milwaukee Radio Alliance’s B93.3, WLDB, which is the 2-bay ERI SPHX-2AE which is near the top of the photo. The antenna below that is iHeart’s WMIL-FM’s ERI SHPX-2AC auxiliary FM antenna, which is equipped with optional radomes, and is protected from falling ice by an ERI INVISI-SHIELD®, Electrically Transparent Ice Shield. WMIL-FM’s main antenna is also an SHPX-2AC with radomes and it is out of frame at a little over 100-feet above the WLDB antenna.

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A New UHF RF System for the Repack

This is a UHF RF System for a Repacked Television Station. The system includes a 6-section UF5000 band pass filter, a 5 kW test load, a 3-port QUICK PATCH™ Coaxial Patch Panel and adjustable directional couplers at the filter input and output and at the test load input. The system is rated for 5.0 kW average power. The system is integrated into a floor mounted rack frame.

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A New Four-Station FM Channel Combiner Almost Ready to Leave for California

This is a four channel FM combiner which will feed a new multiplexed Model SHPX-6AC-HW-SP ROTOTILLER® FM antenna. The combiner is built from three (3) reflective 955 Series FM Band Pass Filters configured as a manifold combine and the fourth FM station is added to the system with a 955-6 Constant Impedance Combiner Module. After installation the antenna will be field tuned and the combiner assembled and tuned, including taking data and providing a written intermodulation products report, by ERI Field Service.

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Master FM Antenna Mounted for Pattern Measurement

This is two-bays of an 8-bay directional master FM antenna built for Miami. The antenna is under going range testing and the results will be included in a directional FM antenna Proof of Performance for each station using the antenna. Each bay includes four (4) 1180 Series broadband FM elements and they are integrated into a custom four-sided support spine which will be top mounted on one arm of an American Tower owned candelabra.

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NAB Show Express

Experience NAB Show through a digital adventure!

NAB Show Express is built with the flexibility to design your own experience. Just favorite what you’re most interested in, then watch, read and discover at your own pace. Click below to access EVERYTHING!  Be sure to find our page under Exhibitors by Alpha!