CL Series UHF Coaxial RF Loads

This family of liquid cooled UHF coaxial loads offer a proven design for handling high RF power at low cost. Models are available with 3-1/8-inch, 4-1/16-inch, and 6-1/8-inch swivel flange female inputs.


The loads employ a solution of anti-freeze and water as both coolant and resistive material. The power dissipated by the load heats the solution and is removed by the constant flow.

The loads are extremely rugged since the resistor is liquid and no finger contacts are used. A dielectric transformer on the inner conductor distributes power evenly throughout the coolant and provides exceptional thermal stability over a wide range of temperature and power levels. Each load has a low VSWR across the UHF band. Units are lab-compensated to less than 1.05 VSWR on a specified UHF channel.

These RF loads are compact in length to save space and are constructed from Aluminum and Stainless Steel and are very light weight. The Model CLx11 is the basic load design. The Model CLx12 includes an integrated, externally terminated and adjustable directional coupler at the load input. The Model CLx13 also include an integrated directional coupler and have a fine matching section at the input that allows the load match to be optimized in the field at any operating RF channel.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Low Cost per kW
  • Low In-channel VSWR
  • Low Coolant Pressure Drop
  • Failure Resistant Design
  • Temperature Stable

CL Series UHF Coaxial RF Loads Product Brochure