WL Series Waveguide RF Loads

For applications requiring the highest levels of power handling for digital UHF television applications ERI offers it WL Series water column waveguide RF loads.


ERI uniquely designed tapered Waveguide water loads utilize a technique involving two coaxial dielectric tubes that carry the water/glycol solution, which functions as a heat dissipater and RF absorber. The solution is pumped up (toward the RF source) the inside of a polypropylene tube running the length of the guide and back toward the water outlet between the polypropylene tube and the larger coaxial Teflon tube. The lower tan(a) of the Teflon as compared with the polypropylene ensures that a proper temperature gradient is maintained between the cooler solution within the polypropylene and the heated solution returning to the outlet. The WL Series provides an efficient and low-cost method for dissipating unwanted RF. All models include a fine matching section at the load input. Any combination of coolant inlet and outlet adapters is available as well.

Features and Benefits

  • 150 kW Average Power
  • Includes integrated fine matcher at input
  • Coolant Connections ¾-inch GHT or NPT
  • 80 psig Maximum Coolant Pressure
  • 10% to 50% Glycol/Water Coolant Mixture
  • Very low cost per kilowatt

Product Brochure

WL Series Liquid Cooled Waveguide RF Loads

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