Coaxial and Waveguide Test Adapters

Electronics Research manufactures a complete line of coaxial and waveguide test adapters for field testing and measurement of filter and transmission line systems.


The transitions are manufactured from aluminum to minimize weight and the coaxial versions are field tunable to desired operating channel (factory tuning available, charges apply). Waveguide models can be factory retuned for other channels (charges apply). These are Low Power designs intended for test purposes only. Test adapters are shipped from factory to customer required channel.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight aluminum construction to be economical to ship and easy to carry
  • Versatile with a wide range of applications
  • Coaxial versions field tunable
  • Waveguide versions can be factory retuned to new channel
  • Available in most standard waveguide and coaxial transmission line sizes and impedances
  • Matches factory test equipment used at ERI

Single Coaxial Test Adapters

Coaxial Adapters to Type "N", Female
  • CR322
    3-1/8-inch 50 ohms EIA Flanged, male
  • CR422
    4-1/16-inch 50 ohms Flanged, male*
  • CR622
    6-1/8-inch 50 ohms EIA Flanged, male
  • CR615
    6-1/8-inch 75 ohms EIA Flanged, male*
  • CR701
    7-3/16-inch 75 ohms Flanged, male
  • CR801
    8-3/16-inch 75 ohms EIA Flanged, male
  • * Inner conductor inside diameter 1.631 inches (41 mm).

Coaxial Test Adapter Kits

Reducer Kits to provide multi-usage Test Adapters
  • CR411
    4-1/6 to 3-1/8-inch 50 ohms, added to CR322 to make CR422
  • CR601
    6-1/8 to 3-1/8-inch 50 ohms, added toCR322 to make CR622
  • CR700
    7-3/16 to 6-1/8-inch 75 ohms , added to CR615 to make CR701
  • CR800
    8-3/16 to 6-1/8-inch 75 ohms, added to CR615 to make CR801
  • CR022-KIT
    Full kit includes one each of CR322, CR411, CR601, CR615, CR700 and CR800.

Waveguide Test Adapters

Waveguide Test Adapters to Type "N", Female
  • WX533
    WR1500 to Type "N"
  • WX833
    WR1800 to Type "N"

Coaxial and Waveguide Test Adapters Product Brochure