SW Series Coaxial Safety Switches

ERI’s 3-1/8-inch and 6-1/8-inch coaxial safety switches address the requirement of OSHA Regulation 1910.147 which outlines “lock-out/tag-out” requirement for RF transmission systems to protect workers from accidental exposure or electrical trauma when maintaining towers and antenna systems.

When installed in a coaxial transmission line the ERI safety switch interrupts the flow of RF energy. The 3-1/8-inch model accomplishes this by creating an intentional short circuit between the inner and outer conductor of the transmission line. The 6-1/8-inch switches interrupt the RF energy by creating an open circuit in the inner conductor. In the open or closed position, the switches will accept the full power rating of the coaxial line size.


  • Low VSWR
  • Fast mechanical operation
  • Can be installed in tightly spaced coaxial runs.
  • Large visual decals illustrate switch positions
  • Activation lever can be padlocked or tagged in engaged or disengaged positions
  • Internal sensing switch for remote signaling and/or transmitter interlock control


  • RF Connections:
  • SW3004
    3-1/8-inch Unflanged Male Input | 3-1/8-inch EIA Flanged Male Output
  • SW6001
    6-1/8-inch EIA Flanged Male Input and Output (90-degree Elbow)
  • Impedance:
  • Frequency Range:
    88 to 108 MHz
  • Insertion Loss (Engaged):
    -0.05 dB at 100 MHz
  • VSWR (Engaged):
    1.05:1 maximum
  • VSWR (Disengaged):
    50:1 minimum
  • Power Rating:
  • SW3004
    35 kW at 100 MHz
  • SW6001
    125 kW at 100 MHz

Ordering Information

  • Part Number
  • SW3004
    VHF RF Safety Switch features lockout/tag out protection features. 3-1/8-inch EIA fixed flange capitve male to 3-1/8-inch EIA swivel flange captive male output. 11-inch (297-mm) flange to flange insertion length. Case height 8.31-inches (211-mm).
  • SW6001
    VHF RF Safety Switch features lockout/tag out protection features. 6-1/8-inch, 50 ohm, EIA. Flanged connections, packaged as an equal leg 90 degree elbow, 9-inch (229-mm) x 9-inch (229-mm) leg length. Overall length 24.84-inches (631-mm).

SW Series Coaxial Safety Switches Product Brochure