EC Series Motorized Switch Controllers

ERI manufactures the EC Series single and dual motorized switch controllers which offer simple and direct control over a one or two motorized switches either from the front panel of the unit or via any industry standard remote control system. For more complex requirements ERI offers the Broadcast Devices SWP200 motorized switch controllers along with its complete family of companion power monitoring equipment and accessories.


The EC110 motorized RF switch controller is designed to operate a single industry standard motorized waveguide or coaxial RF switch. The model EC120 is a dual switch controller. Both models are built in a 3.5-inch standard 19-inch rack mountable chassis. The EC110 front panel has a push button switch, a pair of red/green LEDs that indicate the RF switch’s current position and a switch lock. The EC110 controller rear panel provides the status and control connection to the RF switch, a transmitter control interlock circuit and a remote status and control interface. Both models use the transmitter control interlock circuit is used to insure that RF power is removed from the RF switch before changing its position. It will also prevent RF power from being applied when the switch is not locked in an operating position.

Features and Benefits

  • Models for control of one or two motorized switches
  • 12 or 24 VDC switch control voltage
  • Front panel key lock
  • Interfaces with remote control systems

Product Brochure

EC Series Motoried Switch Controller Brochure

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