WS Series Motorized Waveguide Switches

ERI WS series waveguide switches are designed for operation with UHF broadcast systems. The switches are available in H-plane and E-plane configurations and engineered to provide high power handling capability and long life.


A Geneva drive mechanism provides exact 90-degree rotation of the contacts. The switch drive can be powered by either 115 VAC or 230 VAC. Control voltage can be either 12 VDC or 24 VDC. Manual operation is provided via a 9/16-inch socket head that is accessible through a hole in the switch case. If power to the drive is interrupted, the control circuit provides involatile memory so that the switch either holds its position or continues its transition upon re-application of AC power.

Features and Benefits

  • <1.03:1 VSWR (Single Channel)
  • 340 Kw Average Power Rating
  • True Geneva Drive System
  • H and E-plane configurations
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • Manual Operation
  • Mount in any Orientation
  • 0.06 dB Maximum Insertion Loss
  • 70 dB Minimum Isolation
  • Rugged Design

Product Brochure

WS Series Waveguide Switches Product Brochure

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