LAMBDA® Optimized Mounting System for FM Applications

Extending the Dimensions of Performance

The LAMBDA® Optimized Mounting System is intended to accompany your ERI antenna. The combination of the antenna element and the matching LAMBDA® section significantly increases the predictability of the resulting pattern shape. The result is more signal in your market and elimination of “holes” in your coverage area.

ERI’s LAMBDA® Optimized Mounting System will provide optimum antenna performance. The LAMBDA® system’s design considers the resonant and resulting non-reactive fractional lengths of your frequency. Each LAMBDA® section’s overall length is equal to the wavelength of the matching antenna. Every LAMBDA® section is electrically symmetric to the antenna element’s mounting position. The result is an identical, controlled energy distribution regardless of the element’s position in the array.

The success of an FM system is highly dependent upon knowing your coverage pattern. The relationship between the antenna and the support structure will have a great effect on the determination of your market area. Understanding how the support structure will deform the antenna’s broadcast characteristics is vitally important. Antennas sold for FM broadcast are generally advertised as having omnidirectional characteristics (uniform radiation in all azimuth directions) .The qualifying statement, “based upon free space evaluation,” usually goes unnoticed. “Free space” means the measurement was made without the influence of the mounting structure. However, the mounting structure can greatly impair an antenna’s ability to provide a uniform broadcast pattern.

Determining the antenna radiation characteristics as a function of mounting can be best accomplished by exploratory investigations. Through full-scale and fractional-scale tests, ERI can accurately and prudently determine the broadcast properties of your antenna/tower relationship.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased control of the antenna’s pattern shape
  • Reduced antenna pattern study costs
  • Reduced antenna optimization costs
  • Reduced directional antenna costs
  • Uncomplicated antenna installation

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