LAMBDA® Optimized Mounting System for Television Applications

Antenna/Tower System for Top-Mounted LPTV Applications

Electronics Research Inc. makes possible a unique solution to Low-and Medium-Power Top-Mounted Antenna Applications.

The LAMBDA® Antenna Structure was developed to overcome the disadvantages of distortion to the antenna pattern by the support structure. The advantage… performance nearly identical to a freespace condition allowing the flexibility of choosing top-mounted antennas for tower or roof-top applications.

Intended for economical, high quality community broadcast stations, this system will also be available for immediate implementation of DTV channels.

ERI’s ALP, AL-PLUS, AL8, and TRASAR® Series Antennas are built with high quality materials to ensure maximum reliability to the broadcaster. Patterns measured in the factory using state of the art equipment allow for reliable performance in the field. Comprehensive service and support are standard with ERI broadcast antennas.

Like all ERI broadcast products, LAMBDA® Antenna Structures are supported by a complete selection of system products including Andrew HELIAX® transmission line and the follow-up support for which ERI has been known for more than 65 years.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased control of the antenna’s pattern shape
  • Reduced antenna pattern study costs
  • Reduced antenna optimization costs
  • Reduced directional antenna costs
  • Uncomplicated antenna installation

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