StandardLine Rigid Coaxial Transmission Line

ERI StandardLine rigid coaxial transmission line is available in sizes from 7/8-inch to 8-3/16-inch. All required system components and installation accessories can be purchased from ERI. These components are fabricated from the same high-quality materials as MACXLine, but they do not include a bellows section for differential expansion compensation. This product is recommended only for very short runs and for indoor application only. This product family also includes unflanged rigid transmission line components in sizes from 7/8-inch to 6-1/8-inch, 50-ohm, for indoor use.

Standard rigid coaxial line is manufactured to the same high standards as other MACXLine®, however no mechanism to compensate for thermal expansion is included. StandardLine is intended for indoor applications and use in short runs where the expansion compensation provided by a bellows are not neccesary.

Standard rigid line components are available in both flanged and unflanged versions.

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