1329Line™ Aluminum Outer Conductor Rigid Line

ERI offers complete aluminum outer/copper inner conductor rigid transmission line systems in 3-1/8 inch, 4 1/16-inch and 6 1/8-inch (both 50 and 75-ohm) sizes. Not only does the elimination of the copper outer conductor reduce component prices, but the reduced weight decreases the support component complexity, cost and effort required to install the transmission line system. ERI’s field proven bellows expansion compensator accommodates the differential expansion between the inner and outer conductor and vertical and horizontal spring hangers support the system and compensate for differential expansion between the tower and vertical and horizontal runs. This product family also includes unflanged rigid transmission line components in sizes from 1-5/8-inch to 6-1/8-inch, 50-ohm, for indoor use.


  • Lower cost aluminum outer conductor reduces product price
  • Lighter weight line sections and components reduce hanger system complexity and cost
  • Has the same power ratings and loss as copper outer conductor transmission lines
  • Both flanged and unflanged components are available

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