WR WR1800 Series Standard Rectangular Waveguide (18 inch by 9 inch)


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    Standard Rectangular Waveguide

ERI manufactures all broadcast types of rectangular waveguide and components, both thin wall and heavy duty. For unpressurized transmitter room applications, inexpensive thin wall rectangular waveguide is a good choice. Pressurizable thick wall rectangular waveguide is suitable for long, pressurized runs or for connecting the base of a vertical run of GUIDELine® to the transmitter building.

E-Plane and H-Plane waveguide elbows and fixed and directional couplers are available in WR1800, WR1500 and WR1150 sizes. Fine matchers are also supplied for these sizes.

Many different sizes and constructions of hybrids, including 3-way and 5-way power combiners, have been developed. ERI takes pride in its ability to custom engineer any component needed to optimize the performance of a broadcast system.

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