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Welding Leg Flanges to a New LAMBDA® Optimized FM Mounting System

Welding flanges onto the legs of a new ERI LAMBDA® Optimized FM Mounting System. The LAMBDA® mounting system was designed initially to reduce FM antenna failures due to stresses from tower movement.  The design specified a maximum bending radius of the top-mounted free-standing tower sections, and this resulted in a very stiff tower designed to support side-mounted FM antennas. Typical 20-foot tower sections do not allow symmetrical antenna element mounting locations because the cross members will have a different geometry behind each of the array elements. LAMBDA tower sections make the signal scattering from the tower a constant because the structural member spacing is a halfwave at the operating FM frequency.  All the antenna array elements see the same tower face geometry because the tower’s reflected (scattered) signal is identical for each bay of the array.